One thing this pandemic has reassured in me is that this city — it’s people — we have an incredible amount of true grit. We can weather any storm. We can shoulder an international pandemic in stride. We adapt. Evolve. Persist.

Thanks to the hard work of Chief Hitt and the Jackson Police Department, my last three years as mayor we have seen a 13% reduction in overall crime. Those three years have witnessed the lowest crime rates in more than thirty years. Just in 2020, we saw a 14% decrease in calls for service, and a -4% reduction in overall crime.

  • Relax policies to encourage urban farming, urban apiaries and chickens
  • Codify a neighborhood association ordinance to strengthen neighborhoods
  • Address our lead service line replacement to ensure safe drinking water
  • Continue to fix our streets and collaborate on the Elm Street and West Ave interchange redevelopment projects.
  • We will further combat poverty and promote equity through a responsible contractor policy and a living wage ordinance
  • Deal with financial and housing instability through a trauma informed approach to homelessness, and explore facilities that allow us to join together in that collective work

We will continue to rebuild our city, to make ourselves economically competitive, and show the rest of Michigan that Jackson truly is a great place to live, to work and to play.




Proud father. Devoted husband. Mayor of the City of Jackson, MI.

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Derek Dobies

Derek Dobies

Proud father. Devoted husband. Mayor of the City of Jackson, MI.

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